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The Law Office of Sheldon N. Jacobs in Owings Mills, Maryland, provides winning civil litigation. Our trusted plaintiff attorney, Mr. Jacobs, has more than 40 years in practice, with countless hours in the courtroom earning us great respect. Our long-standing presence guarantees your voice will be heard, and we'll do everything we can to ensure justice is served.

We take a personal interest in every case. Our focus is on medical malpractice, Social Security disability representation, and related civil litigation, because these cases affect people's lives in profound ways. We empathize with clients, and ensure they are taken care of legally and emotionally. Our staff goes out of our way to support our clients during trying times.

Helping people quickly recover after personal injuries is what we do. The phone book is filled with countless attorneys; finding one is easy, but choosing the right one is difficult. There are hundreds of lawyers in every county, thousands in every state; yet accomplished attorneys are hard to come by. We redefine legal excellence with our compassionate approach and wealth of knowledge, and we have earned this position by running a well-respected practice as a legal advocate and maintaining a track record of millions of dollars in settlements.

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Helping You Regain PEACE After Personal Injury or Trauma

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Trusted Results in Civil Litigation

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Have experience on your side with our accident attorney. Personal injury occurs due to medical negligence, accidents, and wrongdoings that result in a person being physically or psychologically injured. Our wealth of case experience allows us to navigate the complex legal world of personal injury on your behalf. We'll thoughtfully, respectfully advocate for your rights.

Personal Injury

Be heard in malpractice settlements and other cases of wrongful death. We are sensitive of your needs and feelings during challenging times, and once we completely understand your situation, we'll fight hard for justice.
We work with many clients to help them gain equanimity after loss.

Wrongful Death
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Restore peace of mind with our disability attorney services. An experienced Social Security lawyer is crucial to have on your side when wading through government services. We have the know-how and drive to help you resolve the most complicated Social Security and disability issues.



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