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Our Accident Attorney Advocates For You

The Law Office of Sheldon N. Jacobs in Owings Mills, Maryland, has a proven record of solving medical negligence cases. As a plaintiff accident attorney, we work diligently to bring justice to our clients justice and ensure they're compensated for damages from physical or psychological injuries. We've won numerous cases for clients involving wrongful death and disability claims against large corporations, individual property owners, and lessees.

Personal Injury Claims

Our attorney ensures insurance companies take your case seriously. Our knowledge, wisdom, patience, and experience mean your personal injury cases will be handled with the utmost legal professionalism. Our newest service is confidently representing sexual abuse survivors. We've done this for the past five years. Also consider us for:

Woman in an Ambulance • Car Accidents
• Medical Malpractice
• Slips and Falls
• Work Injuries
• Defective Products
• Severe Injuries
• Long-Term Injuries
• Permanently Disabling Injuries
• Tort Law
• Dog Bites
• Injury from Falling Objects
• Unsafe Equipment/Defects/Failures
• Negligent Security

The Process of Settlement

Let our skills and background work on your behalf. Often, personal injury cases are settled out of court, in attorney negotiations or mediation. If for any reason an agreed settlement cannot be achieved, we'll be prepared to battle it out in court.

Have Experience on Your Side

We ensure you have the best representation with our real-world experience. Where your rights are concerned, you need more than textbook, classroom, and courtroom audit skills. Feel at ease with our hard-earned legal knowledge gained from working case after case for decades, learning from mistakes made in court and building on that wisdom.

Compensation Expectations

Expect the most from your claim. It's difficult to place a value on long-term or permanently disabling injuries, but we'll ensure you receive the higher end of the compensation range. With severe cases, compensation is determined by the type of injury, length of time for recovery, and medical bills. We know the right medical questions to ask to increase your compensation.

A Note on Premises Liability

You are legally entitled to safety when on someone else's property. Hazardous areas or construction/maintenance zones must be clearly designated, and weather conditions like snow and ice must be properly addressed. We've handled many such cases, and we have won significant awards for our clients through mediation and litigation.

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