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A Social Security Lawyer That Gets Results

The Law Office of Sheldon N. Jacobs in Owings Mills, Maryland, solves personal injury cases quickly with our disability attorney. A knowledgeable Social Security lawyer helps you get the benefits deserved when a physical illness or mental condition prevents you from working. For wrongful death claims, please consider reviewing our information specific to those cases.

Get Support Early On

Make your first application for disability count. We recommend you enlist professional representation from the start of the process. Without the proper guidance, you may unknowingly hurt your case. We take care of all the paperwork, filing, research, and preparation for testimony. Let us increase your chance of getting the benefits you need.

Rejection Rates

Receive personal attention and avoid being a statistic. Approximately 70% of initial Social Security disability claims are rejected. Filing is a lengthy process; you need to present a strong case with appropriate medical documentation. Even when all requirements for benefits are met, you may be turned down due to improper filing or timing. That's why you need a knowledgeable Social Security disability lawyer like Sheldon N. Jacobs.

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Rely on Our Experience

Sheldon N. Jacobs was a Social Security disability staff attorney for more than 10 years after law school graduation. This inside perspective allows us to understand what it takes to win benefits for clients. We take the time to gather information, such as your age, impairments, employment history, and how you reached the point of not being able to work. Plus, we obtain the necessary medical evidence to support claims. We the send everything to Disability Determination Services (DDS).

Reconsideration and Appeal

Don't go it alone. If for any reason your initial application is denied, we'll file for reconsideration within 60 days. We won't give up. With our Social Security disability lawyer, your chances of winning at the required hearing are greatly improved. We prepare the whole case for the hearing. We prepare you for the questions the judge is most likely to ask. And we make sure all medical records are updated, with written supporting statements from healthcare providers, in time for the hearing.